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Longparish Community Pub Ltd

Community Share offer

Thank you for supporting The Plough.  

We have come a long way since February 2021.  Thanks to a huge amount of work by around 150 volunteers, we have been open since September 2021.  We are getting great reviews but we still need to improve the electricity supply and extend the car park.  We also need to upgrade our store rooms so we can bring the ground floor community room into use.  We are applying for grants to help pay for some of these works, which will help, but they will normally also require matched funding from us.  We will still need to raise up to £200K and will be launching a new community shares offer very soon.  What we can do will depend on how much we are able to raise.

Please help us to plan by emailing our treasurer, Jeremy Barber and letting him know if you would be willing to invest, or please complete the form below.   

If you don't qualify for Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) you may prefer to make a gift.

Completion of this form registers a potential interest to become a shareholder and implies no obligation on your part.

Please register my interest 

Thank you for registering your interest - we'll be in touch soon!

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