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LCPL are registered with the FCA as a Community Benefit Society. 

The Society has Members, a Management Committee, and a Secretary.

Membership is the means by which the Society is owned by the community. Membership provides Members with access to information,
a voice in the Society, and the opportunity to be elected to a representative role in its governance.

Members have a voice in the Society’s affairs as provided in the Rules, by

  • attending, speaking and submitting motions considered at members meetings;

  • voting at members meetings;

  • electing representatives to the Management Committee.

Members may also stand for election to the Management Committee.

Management Committee
The Management Committee is elected by the members to manage the affairs of the Society.
The Management Committee is collectively responsible for everything done by or in the name of the Society including 
employment of a manager and any other staff to be responsible for day-to-day management of the pub business.
Members of the Management Committee are all volunteers and are ultimately responsible for ensuring the Society is legally compliant, for managing the Society's finances, and many other areas needed to support the Vision, Aims and Goals of the Society.

Meet The Management Committee

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