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Get Involved

There are numerous ways to get involved from joining the Plough Ahead steering group, helping with funding our initial expenses, signing up to keep informed about developments, registering an interest to buy community shares in the Plough Inn when the opportunity arises, letting us know what you'd like the Plough Inn to look like both as a pub and as a community hub providing community services

Let's Make This Really Happen

Here are some ways you can be involved

Let us know what you want the Plough Inn to become

Complete this online questionnaire and let us know about the services you'd like to see a re-opened Plough Inn deliver for you

Become a community shareholder

Community Shares Offer is live!

Owned by, and accountable to, our local community

Everyone in our community has the opportunity to become a shareholder in the Plough Inn; and whatever the size of their investment each shareholder will have an equal say in the way the services offered by the Plough Inn are shaped and delivered

Longparish Community Pub Ltd

At the core of a community pub is the local people that it serves; the purpose of having a community pub is to provide a range of services much wider than just the provision of food and drinks to the local community.

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