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85% of households scored the importance of reopening the Plough Inn at 4 or 5

(Scale = 1-5)

Survey Q1.png
Survey Q2.png

60% of the respondents said they would visit the Plough Inn at least once a week

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Survey Q4a.png
Survey Q5.png
Survey Q6.png

Community Survey

In June 2019 we asked residents in Longparish to let us know what they'd like to see from a reopened Plough Inn. 

The results from the survey are summarised in the charts below.

1/3 of households in Longparish completed the questionnaire

The full survey form can be accessed by clicking on the button below

"When the members of a community come together for a common cause, without purely financial
or commercial motives, when they co-operate and collaborate to save or preserve something that
is important and valuable to their community, they can unlock something very powerful."

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