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CAMRA's Pub Save of the Year!

The team behind the Plough have been recognised with a national award from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

The organisation's Pub Saving Award is given to communities who have come together to save a pub that would have otherwise been demolished or converted to another use.

CAMRA were especially impressed by "the incredibly hard work to completely refurbish the property inside and out" and added, "Three hundred years after it first began trading, the Plough Inn is now once again at the heart of the community."

'Valued community asset'

Chair of Longparish Community Pub Ltd Andy Jolliffe said the village was "delighted the Plough was thriving again. It was only possible because of the way local people brought their many and varied skills and dedication to the project,"

He added "Our aim in taking over the Plough Inn has been to provide something that is more than a pub - it is also a vital community hub ... a truly valued community asset."

CAMRA's Paul Ainsworth said "pubs play an irreplaceable role in bringing people together".

"The decision to purchase and run a pub as a community is a real commitment to preserving its future for generations to come," he added.

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