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Fantastic response to share offer

With 10 days still left to go and £166,750 in the bank, subscriptions to LCPL's Community Shares Offer are close to passing three quarters of the £230,000 target.

So far, 90 applications have been received to become shareholders and members of this exciting new community venture. Every shareholder whether they've invested £20,000, or £50 will have the same equal voting rights in the Community Benefit Society.

We're looking for as many members as possible. Anyone aged 18 or over can become a shareholder. There are incentives under HMRC's Social Investment Relief Scheme available to Uk tax payers, which should provide a tax credit worth 30% of the investment once we've been trading for 4 months.

If you've subscribed already - THANK YOU! Please share our story with your friends and relatives - anyone and everyone is welcome to become a part of our story! If you haven't yet subscribed, please do, and if you have any questions, please get in touch via email

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