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Plough owner appeals planning decision

Updated: May 9, 2019

After TVBC planning refused the application for change of use for the Plough Inn from a Public House to be allowed for residential development, the current owner, Dorset Flint & Stone Blocks Ltd, submitted a planning appeal just days before the deadline to do so at the end of January.

The final decision on the planning application will now be taken by the Planning Inspectorate. The next step is for a planning inspector to be assigned, and that triggers an appeal 'start date', but such is the current backlog of planning appeals it could be July before that happens. Once a start date is set, then the appeal process begins which could take anything from 16 to 21 weeks depending on whether the appeal is by written submissions or involves an informal public hearing. Information submitted by the current owner in support of their appeal is available on Test Valley Borough Council's planning portal - the application reference is 18/01365/FULLN.

With support of a generous grant from Locality's Community Enabler Fund, Plough Ahead have appointed a planning consultant to review and advise on the planning appeal.

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