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Closed at the end of Aug 2022

Investing in community shares is a simple, direct and engaging way of supporting businesses that serve your community.

In buying shares in Longparish Community Pub Ltd  you will be

  • Helping to support a pub that’s been serving its community for over 300 years

  • Protecting this fantastic community asset for generations to come

  • Building a hub for people to meet, drink, eat, celebrate, commiserate, do business, raise funds for good causes, compete in quizzes – and bring more activity, life and fun into our midst.

  • Creating and securing jobs:-

    • In the pub itself

    • For local suppliers (brewers, food producers, etc.)

Community Share Offer Prospectus

Shares Application Form

Business Plan 

Advance Assurance

“ Pubs really are the heart of village communities and I know Longparish is a village that knows how to pull together.  The Community Share offer is a great chance for more people to get involved.”

Caroline Nokes, MP

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