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To be a thriving, welcoming community-owned pub and hub, providing a great place for meeting, eating, drinking, working and socialising, with broader community benefits.  

Our aims and core values guide LCPL's operation of the Plough:


Excellence:  We are committed to doing everything to the best of our abilities. We aim for excellence in serving our customers and managing our pub.

Commercial Success:  We strive for long-term economic progress. By managing our finances wisely and avoiding unnecessary risk, we aim to operate as a profitable and stable business that preserves our community asset for generations to come.

Customer Happiness:  We aim to ensure our customers are happy by providing quality products and enjoyable experiences. Our friendly team works to deliver excellent service to make every visit to our pub a positive one.

Open Communication:  We seek to actively communicate and collaborate with shareholders, the Parish Council, our local community, staff, and suppliers. We value feedback, address concerns, and ensure everyone is well-informed.

Team Support: We value the growth, well-being and happiness of our staff. We endeavour to offer training, career opportunities, and a supportive work environment.

Integrity:  We always strive to do what is right and fair. We value honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our actions and relationships.

Continuous Improvement:  We recognise that we are always evolving, and should actively seek feedback, and make necessary changes to enhance our operations.



Caring for the Community:  We strive to be friendly, supportive, and considerate members of our community, to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes the well-being of our community and brings people together. We aim to work with the Parish Council, our neighbours and other community bodies to identify how we can best support the village community.

Togetherness:  We aim to support events and activities that bring people together, building meaningful connections. Embracing diversity, we promote a strong sense of community spirit that unites people and encourages a shared sense of belonging.

Collaboration: We aim to work together with other community organisations and businesses, supporting each other's success and creating a thriving local network.

Environmental Stewardship:  We are committed to environmentally friendly practices. We aim to reduce waste, conserve resources, and where practical we aspire to source local and organic products to minimise our impact.

Volunteer Engagement:  We encourage community involvement and offer volunteer opportunities. We appreciate and support their contributions, providing opportunities for personal fulfilment and connection.

Local Culture:  We aim to cherish and protect our local culture, traditions and heritage by proudly showcasing local talent, food and drink, and artistic expression. We recognise the historic value of our 300-year-old pub and aim to keep both the business and the buildings in good shape for future generations.

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